NTGx Program


Program Description

Every year, NTGx invites 24Taiwanese university level students to Vancouver during their winter break. Students in NTGx program will be taking full-time English courses at UBC English Language Institute during weekdays for three weeks, and participating in networking and exploration events during evenings and weekends. Events include kick-off & closing ceremonies, networking events with local professionals and Taiwanese residents; social events with student clubs of different cultural backgrounds; seminars for living in North America and career planning; and tours around Vancouver. Through these events, NTGx will bring inspiration, motivation, as well as knowledge and new perspectives to the participants.

Program Date:January 14, 2020 – February 9, 2020

Program Fee:$6,000 CAD

*Fee includes airfare, housing, course fee, medical insurance, local transit, and events…etc.

Number of students:24

Basic requirements:

  • Basic English conversation capability
  • 19~25 years old university level students (including new grads)
  • Actively looking for self improvement

Click to view NTGx program pamphlet.

Host — Today’s Generation (TGEN)
Advisor — Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Vancouver (Education Division) (TECO)
Partner — UBC English Language Institute (UBC ELI)


Safety Abroad

Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), as the advisor of NTGx, will be sponsoring key events and providing assistance in emergency situations.


Students from Taiwan will be required to apply for their own travel insurance and third party liability insurance in addition to UBC iMed (included in price). iMed will include basic medical insurance and emergency insurance, students may want to review the iMed insurance policy and decide if extra medical or emergency insurance is required. Also, students will be required to sign waiver forms for any activities that may involve accidents or injuries, and any other liability forms that UBC ELI requires.

iMed is UBC ELI’s medical insurance provider. With iMed, students don’t have to pay for their visits to pursue medical care at Student Health Service at UBC or the UBC Village Medical Clinic. Student must keep the receipts in order to make a claim to get reimbursed. Instructions on how to submit claims and relative materials are located at ELI website which will fully explain to students in a separate document. (iMed policy)