NTGx Accommodation

Accommodation & Transportation


To maximize students’ experience, participants will be put in host families that use English as the main language at home. NTGx accommodation will be hosted by families who are either professionals (one or both parents are working in the local industries) or UBC students (students living with their own families).

The following are the basic expectations that host families and the students are required to adhere to.

Accommodation Expectations

  • Private room with basic amenities including a bed with bedding and closet
  • An area within bedroom or outside with desk, chair, and desk lamp
  • Bathroom for personal hygiene
  • Within 1 hour of bus ride from UBC
  • English as main communication language within the family


  • Host families are not expected to provide meals, however, some families may have some basic food supplies at their own discretion.

Expectations of Host Families

  • Provide students with a key into the house
  • Encourage students to participate in family activities
  • Help students to adjust to the Canadian lifestyle and explain the customs in your home
  • Inform the student when you will be away for a meal
  • Treat the student with respect and tolerance
  • Ensure that the student is not required to baby-sit
  • Meet with the Coordinator and student to work towards resolving problematic issues
  • Upon accepting the student, inform the coordinator of any plans to be away from the home during the student’s homestay period
  • House rules are recommended to be written out and made available to students to ensure a mutual understanding of things such as: mealtimes, laundry schedules, restrictions for incoming phone calls in the evening, time limits for bathroom use, and curfew time, etc.
  • Plan an hour or two of family time with the students each week to build up the relationship

Expectation of Students

  • Respecting the lifestyle of the family
  • Following the house rules and family routine of the host family
  • Responsible in making host family experience a successful one. Students are expected to raise concerns and problems that they have to host family and seek for help from homestay coordinator if it cannot be solved
  • Paying for services that go beyond what is normally required of a homestay
  • Approach family in a friendly spirit and create a positive atmosphere.




Students who participate in our program will be assigned to host families located across Lower Mainland. Depending on the location of hosts, commuting time can vary from 5 minutes up to 1 hour maximum. Bus passes will be given to our participants, allowing students to experience the commute from host family to UBC just like local students.

Students will be commuting through combinations of buses and/or skytrain system depending on the host family location. TransLink free trip planning services allows students to plan their custom trip to UBC from virtually any place in Lower Mainland. We strongly suggest students plan out the trip themselves and seek for help if necessary. Specific information related to transportation and supports will be further discussed in the orientation.