NTGx Events


NTGx Events

Asides from daily classes with UBC English Language Institute (ELI), students will participate in NTGx events at night and on weekends. These are events that help Taiwanese students to expand their social network, and at the same time, experience activities not available in Taiwan, such as skiing or ice-skating. On the cultural side, students will participate in events with students of different background, and tour around Vancouver to help immerse the cultural element.  There are three categories of events we designed for the students: Academic Networking, Social Networking, and Social Life

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Sample Events

Academic Networking

During this exchange experience, we hope to let students have the opportunity to explore themselves and their future with an international perspective. Besides ELI lessons, we will also provide students with a variety of academic events for them to attend.
Debate Night
Students will join a discussion session where a topic will be discussed during the event. We wish that a common topic between Taiwan students and UBC students will arise and thus, achieve cultural exchange.

Social Networking

We aim to create a platform for participating students to meet new people, and make their own global connections. We plan out several networking events where we will invite UBC professors, Taiwanese graduate society, UBC student representatives from different departments, local Taiwanese workforce, and different UBC cultural clubs. We want to allow Taiwanese students to meet different students from all over the world and thus, expand their horizons and vision.
Opening Ceremony and Orientation
We will have an official opening ceremony to welcome the students to Vancouver. At night, there will be an orientation to let the students meet with local students.
Networking Night
We will invite people of different culture and background to come out and network with students. Before the event, we will also host “Networking 101” which teaches students different skills when networking with others.
Night of Inspiration
We will invite local business professionals, musicians, entrepreneurs, and scientists to come and share their journeys in accomplishing their goals.
Closing ceremony
This is going to be the last event for the whole program. We aim to invite everyone who has supported this program and the students. Ceremony is just one part, what we want more is to create an atmosphere where everyone will precisely remember this last moment in Canada.

Social Life

We came up with several activities such as skiing and ice-skating which participating students mostly likely would not have had a chance to experience it in Taiwan. It is a great way to expand their horizons through experiencing different activities and easily getting involved in local lifestyle.Note: All the events in this category are optional
Experiencing something different is one of the main goals for this program, and ice-skating is definitely one of the options where Taiwanese Students won’t have many chances to try it. The organizers will open a Facebook event for the ice-skating, and we will take the Taiwanese students and registered students to a local community centre to experience ice-skating.
Trampoline Park
Experience a venue where it is totally composed by trampolines. This is going to be a fascinating experience for Taiwanese students which they probably won’t see somewhere like this in Taiwan.
Ski Trip
We will take students to the mountains near Vancouver and let them experience one of the most fascinating winter sports, “skiing/snowboarding”. This is a good opportunity to introduce such beautiful sports to Taiwanese students where they won’t have any opportunities to experience such sports in Taiwan.

Note: All activities in NTGx Program are subject to change due to scheduling and availability.