About NTGx



Considering the global market and changes nowadays, it is clear that the ordinary education is no longer sufficient in preparing students with the competency required for the global job market. As a group of Taiwanese students, we pay a lot of attention to issues in Asia, and in particular, Taiwan. Knowing that students from Taiwan are smart, talented, and well educated, why is it that the overall competency as a nation is moving in a downward trend? This is not a simple question that can be addressed by a single cause, but one of the causes that we can help tackle is the global vision.

The goal of NTGx is to inspire a broader sense of mind and connections to the next generation of Taiwanese university students. Through different events, NTGx hopes to bring inspiration, motivation, as well as knowledge and new perspectives to the participants.


Our Core Value

NTGx is formed by a group of student volunteers. As students, we saw the difference in the education system and lifestyle between Asian and Canadian culture. As Taiwanese, we want to provide an experience for fellow Taiwanese students to be exposed to these cultural and educational differences.

Only us, students who have experienced the difference, students with passion in giving back to Taiwan, can create the unique NTGx program. With the resource that we have, we will create the opportunities for you to experience the Canadian education, culture and thinking. You will be able to learn, to compare, to critically think and to make a meaningful change.

Theme of the Year

Our theme for NTGx 2019/2020 is Choose Your Own Adventure — This program is an opportunity for these students to embark on a journey to Canada and Choose Their Own Adventure, we are here to guide them along the way and participate in their journey as a friend. 

NTGx sincerely invite you aboard this journey of self-discovery with us!